New Abum - Songs My Ruiner Gave To Me


Download the track 'I Hate You' MP3 from the new album

"I Hate You' features Andy Summers on tropical guitar in one of the most curious twists of fate of recent times. Rewind a few years and an adolescent Naomi is next door neighbour and babysitter for a young guitar slinger making his way in the world with his band, The Police. A discarded boiler suit given away after a photo session for Outlandos D'Amour is gratefully snapped up by Naomi. Time passes. Spool forward and Naomi is wracking her brains to think of how to fund her third album. The boiler suit might be worth something....It was! Not only that but it lead to a phone call with the man himself who, impressed by what he has heard, offers his services forthwith. And here it is, hot off the presses!